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Introduction to the performance of the mill

The open mill is a kind of plastic mixing equipment that has been used earlier in plastic products production plants. On the calender production line, the open mill is in front of the calender and after the mixer. Its function is to mix and plasticize the uniformly mixed raw materials, and to provide a more uniformly mixed and plasticized molten material for the calendered plastic products by the calender.
   When producing cable material, the open mill can directly smelt the powdery material mixed according to the formula into a molten material, and then press it into a sheet-like tape, so that the pelletizer can cut it into granules. Open mill is the abbreviation of open rubber mill. In plastic products factories, people are accustomed to call it a two-roll mill. On the floor leather production line, it can directly provide a primer coating that is uniformly mixed and plasticized for cloth leather. The recycled waste plastic film (sheet) can also be re-plasticized on an open mill.
  1. The reducer has 6-pole precision, hardened tooth surface grinding gears, long service life and low noise;
  2. The highly humanized operation design reduces the labor intensity of the operator;
  3. The receiving tray is designed with a cleaning device for easy cleaning;
  4. The design structure is simple and clear, and the operation is convenient. It does not need to be installed, and it can work when it is connected to wires and pipelines;
  5. There are a variety of speeds and speed ratios to choose from, which can meet the requirements of customers with different formulations and different processes;
  6. ​​Modular structure, customers can choose a variety of structures.



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