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Design of automatic batching system of internal mixer

The automatic batching system of internal mixer is a high-efficiency, high-precision, fully automatic batching auxiliary machine system developed specifically for rubber, chemical and other industries. The system has the function of automatically weighing and distributing powder (carbon black, etc.), granular materials (paraffin, etc.), oil and other materials according to the required production formula, and can be adapted to internal mixers of different specifications from 75 to 150L.
   Internal mixer small material automatic batching system, internal mixer small material automatic batching equipment product advantages:
   is mainly suitable for the production of large and small material formulas, intelligent storage of production formulas, recall of production formulas at any time, storage of production data, etc., helping product quality traceability;
   internal mixer automatic batching system performance:
   Batching capacity: 6~50 kinds of materials, suitable for a variety of formulas;
  Single material distribution capacity: 50g~200kg;
  Storage capacity: 1~20m3;
   Batching accuracy: ±1g, 2g, 5g, 10g, 20g;
   Batching speed: 5 to 30 minutes per batch, 10 barrels per batch (the number of barrels can be set);
  Application advantage:
   1. Reduce the chance of workers' contact with chemical raw materials, greatly reduce workers, reduce labor intensity, and improve workers' health protection.
  2. Avoid the influence of human factors on the batching operation, ensure the stability of product quality, and improve the product quality and efficiency of the factory.
  3. The small material automatic batching system adopts different feeding mechanisms and control algorithms according to the characteristics of the raw materials to improve the batching efficiency and meet the production requirements.
  4. The automatic batching system adopts the feeder speed regulation technology to meet the requirements of small amount of raw materials and precision.
   5. The control system automatically saves each weighing record and the batch number of raw materials used to achieve quality traceability.
   6. Reliable control devices and professional mechanical processing ensure the stability of the system; the abnormal alarm function ensures the reliability of ingredients.



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