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Structural characteristics of rubber mixing machine

1. It is mainly composed of an integrated base, frame, front and rear rollers, transmission gear, reducer, pitch adjustment device, roller temperature adjustment device, safety switch, and electrical control system.
  2. The roller material is alloy chilled cast iron, which has high hardness and wear resistance. The roller temperature adjustment device can pass steam or cooling water into the roller to adjust the temperature of the roller to meet the process requirements.
  3. The safety protection device is designed and installed. When the equipment exceeds the load, the equipment stops. Roller safety fuse: When the equipment exceeds the pressure of the roller instantaneously, the safety fuse will split automatically. So as to protect the roller and other main parts (XK-400 does not have this device), the machine runs more reliably and the maintenance cost is minimized.
  4. The machine is equipped with a braking device. In an emergency, pulling the safety lever can immediately brake, thereby reducing the occurrence of accidents.
   Huaqing Rubber Mixing Machine guarantees safety and reliability to the greatest extent.



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