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Several solutions to the failure of internal mixer

1: The contact surface between the fixed ring and the moving ring of the internal mixer is uneven, and a sealing oil film cannot be formed.
   Treatment method: disassemble the internal mixer and check the fixed circle. If the contact surface is not strained, and the contact rate is low, running-in treatment is required. The running-in time is 4-8h or more, and the contact surface cannot be cut off during running-in.
  2: There are hard particles between the moving ring and the fixed ring of the banburying, which strain the contact surface and make the contact surface unable to form a sealing oil film.
   Treatment method: If the moving ring is strained, it needs to be repaired with oilstone grinding, and special equipment is required for grinding. The fixed ring is a two-half structure, which can be disassembled for grinding. After the surfaces of the moving and fixed rings are ground, assemble the fixed rings and grind them for several hours at a slow speed. Lubricate them when grinding.
  3: The alloy of the internal mixing motor ring falls off
   Treatment method: Replace the moving ring, then set it, and run the moving ring together for several hours.



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