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Precautions for the operation of the rubber mixing machine

1. The operator must be taught quietly and be familiar with the technology and configuration performance before driving.
  2. The lubrication system of the whole machine must be kept in circulation, otherwise it cannot be driven. You can't drive if there is any obstacle in the configuration.
  3. The cooling system should meet the process requirements, and it is not allowed to drive in an environment without cooling.
   4. The configuration is not allowed to work in an environment that exceeds the rated load forever.
   5. Rubber that is cold in winter or burnt rubber is not allowed to be used as feed.
   6. Flammable and explosive materials, such as benzoyl peroxide, polyisobutylene (plastic), etc., cannot be operated in an internal mixer.
  7. When the temperature of each bearing bush is too high or the copper powder is developed, stop feeding and flushing immediately, but it is not allowed to stop and report to the guide and related personnel. Stop when the side wall temperature is higher than 65°C.
   8. The compressed atmosphere is not enough to not drive, so as not to jam the top and bottom bolts. If the mixed rubber and raw rubber get stuck in the upper and lower top bolts, they should stop for cleaning immediately. If other debris cannot be stopped, the upper and lower top bolts should be opened to unload and stop.
   9. When the compound of neoprene is scorched, it should be discharged immediately.
  10. The lubricating oil of the oil pump oil cup should be the designated oil, and it cannot be replaced by inferior or other models and low-grade oil.
  11, restraint put your head into the feeding port to observe and listen carefully to the environment in the mixing room.
   The above are nine things to pay attention to when operating the rubber mixer.



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