0.5L Internal Mixer

This machine is mainly used for the mixing of rubber, plastics and chemical raw materials, and is also suitable for the mixing of various low-viscosity materials. The machine is accurate in temperature control, uniform in dispersion, simple and practical, and is suitable for laboratory formulation development and small-scale production.

Product durability:

1. The transmission adopts a hardened gear reducer, which has stable transmission, low noise and long service life.

2. The mixing chamber is made of alloy steel, which is clamped and demolded by the cylinder. The surface is plated with hard chrome, which is wear-resistant and beautiful.

3. The rotor is made of alloy steel, which is hardened as a whole and plated with hard chrome.

4. The sealing structure adopts self-lubricating dry mechanical pressing shaft seal, and the other end adopts oil pressure pressing method.

5. The power output speed of the main drive system adopts stepless frequency conversion speed regulation.

Model   MODEL NO. BDS-LAM5 Dimensions EXTERNAL SIZE L1000*W500*H1600 Voltage/Total Power POWER 380V/3KW Air pressure AIR PRESSURE 0.4-0.8MPA Machine materialBUILD MATERIAL carbon steel, etc. Weight WEIGHT 500Kg Heating methodHEAT METHOD Electric heating TEMPERATURE RANGE Normal temperature~300℃ TEMPERATURE ACCURACY +/-2°C REVERSED METHOD NA Flip angle ROTATE ANGLE NA ROTATOR SPEED 0-50 r/min inverter speed regulation ROTATOR SPEED RATIO 1:1.27 COOLING METHOD Tap water cooling



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