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Introduction of internal mixer

The closed rubber mixer is abbreviated as the internal mixer, which is mainly used for the plasticization and mixing of rubber.
The internal mixer is a machine that is equipped with a pair of rotors with a specific shape and relatively rotating, which can intermittently plasticize and mix polymer materials in a closed state with adjustable temperature and pressure. It is mainly composed of a mixing chamber and a rotor. , Rotor sealing device, feeding and pressing device, unloading device, transmission device and machine base and other parts.  
  The internal mixer is developed on the basis of the open mixer. The internal mixer is a kind of high-strength intermittent mixing equipment. Since the emergence of the real Banbury type internal mixer in 1916, the power of the internal mixer has gradually been recognized by people. It shows a series of characteristics that are superior to the open mixer in the rubber mixing process, such as : The mixing capacity is large, the time is short, and the production efficiency is high; it can better overcome the dust, reduce the loss of the compounding agent and improve the product quality and working environment; the operation is safe and convenient, and the labor intensity is reduced; it is beneficial to realize the mechanical and automatic operation.
   Therefore, the emergence of the internal mixer is an important achievement of rubber machinery, and it is still a typical important equipment for plasticizing and mixing species, which is continuously developed and improved.



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