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Temperature influence and control of internal mixer

The temperature accuracy of the internal mixer is directly related to the results of the ingredient development. Generally, the heating method selected is electric mold heating and oil heating.
  The mixing temperature is one of the important factors that determine the performance, production capacity and mixing quality of the internal mixer. If the mixing temperature is too high and the rubber material is too soft, it will make it difficult for the internal mixer to function, and more importantly, it is easy to produce scorching, thereby reducing the physical and mechanical properties of the rubber, and seriously making the rubber lose its use; if If the mixing temperature is too low, the production capacity will be reduced due to the relative sliding of the rubber material and the working parts of the internal mixer, and more energy will be consumed. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of the rubber mixing and reduce energy consumption, in the production of the internal mixer It is a very important measure to control its mixing temperature, especially for heat-sensitive rubber.
   In order to control the temperature of the internal mixer, the following measures can be taken in the selection of the heating method:
  1, choose surround type electric heating
  The power of a single heating wire can reach 2.1KW, and the temperature difference between the two ends is more than ten degrees, and most of them are dozens of degrees. The main reason is that the heating wire cannot be closely matched or it is not in contact with the inner wall at all, forming a hollow dry smelting. The main manifestation of this method is that the heating wire is deformed after being dried for a period of time, it is difficult to replace, and the temperature is uneven. However, because the heating wire has a relatively large power and a relatively strong structure, it is not easy to be burned out.
  2. Single-head rod electric heating tube for internal mixer
   The diameter of a single heating wire single-end rod is 19.8, and the normal power is 1.7KW. This method has a relatively uniform temperature and an accuracy of ±2°C. The disadvantage is that the heating speed is slow and the power is small. If the power is increased, the heating tube can be simply burned out, which increases the replacement time and frequency.



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